POS & Multi Stores Management Solutions

Being market leader with more than 10,000 POS users help us understand the retail environment & needs.
So the innovation behind our developments eventuate the multi stores retail management.
Design practical features for sales driving, member royalty programme to keep business rolling & growing.
Reduce load, get things fast, save up time; system work more, people do less.


Bring I.T to live!

Accommodate whole spectrum of Retailers + Food & Beverage operators from large chains with multi-company, multi outlets and multi-terminal operations to single stores working on single-user PC’s. Our passion to provide complete solutions to Point of Sales needs, also consult the industry to implement system deployment.


Product Variety & Integratable Solutions

With SMART, you’ll be able to fulfil your business needs through our wide variety of solutions. You can start from a basic lite version and slowly upgrade your way to a more robust and advanced module when the time comes to meet your business expansion needs. This is possible with our systems that are modular and adaptable. Covering sales front, to inventory, POS management, accounting & member solutions, we’ve been through a lot to understand different business situations and confident that you’ll find what you need with us.


Technology Savvy, Human Way

Connectivity, data and seamless processing are crucial for your business. That is why SMART systems are capable of connection both single or multiple POS to a Headquarter or a Local Area Network via the internet, ensuring communication exists from anywhere around the world. SMART POS terminals will still continue to operate independently even if internet line is down. What this means for you is that it’s business as usual. The interface is easy & fast to learn. Multi POS terminals communication between the server terminals take place every few seconds figures sync without human effort. We provide real-time data processing and people get inventory & accounts updates.


• Complete POS feature
• Heavy daily, multi outlets data consolidation
• User friendly, fast plug play & loop to many outlets

• Purchase Management
• Distribution Management
• Inventory Management
• Retail Management
• Customer Management


• Fast & convenient, auto Sync data to HQ
• Real time data
• Analysis multi outlets, open more business such as concession franchise

• Revenue, cash flow & stock flow, better margin
• Support multi outlets, open more business such as concession franchise


• Retail expertise to deploy & implement
• Quality network to train & speed of response

You scan there can deviate and include things that are not conventional and still get it right.